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Maximus Finger Tab Mk.2
  • Maximus Finger Tab Mk.2

    Our flagship project - the Maximus Finger Tab Mk.2.

    Designed to feel great at full draw and allow a clean release.


    The Maximus features are:


    • Three different sized plates in two possible materials: black anodized aluminium plate or a heavier and sturdier silver/gray stainless steel 
    • Two sets of kangaroo leather - a soft set and a hard set
    • Ergonomically designed little finger hook and ledge - the ledge size will be matched to the plate size, now in a new and slicker design!
    • A wide spacer design for better nock clearance, with 3 different sizes of spacers to match the plate 
    • A high quality Beiter fastener*
    • Two cord options - a short traditional mid finger hold and a longer two finger hold for a snug feel upon release


    * The Maximus and CTH archery are not affiliated and/or endorsed by the Beiter company.


    • Specs

      All sizes and weights might have a small variance.


      • plate 38mm x 57mm x 3mm and 12.2 grams (aluminium) / 37.4 grams (stainless steel)
      • spacer 40mm x 23mm x 13mm and 9.2 grams
      • leather 85mm x 73mm



      • plate 40mm x 61mm x 3mm and 14.6 grams / 43.5 grams (stainless steel)
      • spacer 42mm x 25mm x 13mm and 10.0 grams
      • leather 91mm x 81mm



      • plate 42mm x 65mm x 3mm and 16.8 grams / 49.7 grams (stainless steel)
      • spacer 44mm x 27mm x 13mm and 10.6 grams
      • leather 101mm x 88mm
    • Upgrade Prices

      The tab's price is determined by the options you choose. The standard version of white parts, aluminium plate and a Mk.2s spacer is 45€.

      The following upgrades add to the final price of the tab:

      Colored parts +3€.

      An additional Mk.3 (flexible) spacer +4€.

      Stainless steel plate +8€

      Additional spare fingerhook and shelf +1€

    • Notes

      Please notice, due to variances in digital monitors and lighting conditions the colors of the parts might look differently in real life.


      Furthermore, due to the difference in materials between the PETG plastic of the hard parts and the TPU of Mk.3 flexible spacer there is sometimes a mismatch between the color of the spacer and of the parts.


      Finally, in elastic measurements the fillaments used to create the Mk.3 spacers are of a 95a shore hardness, with the exception of the Galaxy Gray one which is 98a. In layman's terms, the Galaxy Gray is a little less "bouncy".

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