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The Maximus Mk.2 is finally here!


Two Types of Kangaroo Leather

Always on the hunt for new materials, we have now upgraded your shooting experience.


We now equip every tab with with two sets of differently tanned kangaroo leather - a stiff one and a soft one. Try both and see which one you prefer!


Two Cord Options

The new Mk.2 tab arrives with two cords - a short one for a traditional middle finger hold, and a longer one for a two finger grab for a tighter feel at release.

Try both options to see what you like!


Beiter Fasteners as a Standard

We weren't pleased with the performance of the original fasteners we procured, so we brought you the best on the market because we strive for perfection!

* The Maximus and CTH archery are not affiliated and/or endorsed by the Beiter company.

new spacers.png

Revamped Spacer Design

Following on feedback from archers, the new Mk.2s spacer was born.

The spacer end was made 1mm thicker, the sharp edge was curved for a nicer feel and the thread area has been even more reinforced.


A New Flexible Spacer

Not only have we improved on the design of the spacer, we now also offer it in a flexible option - the Mk.3 spacer!

Although equipped with a Mk.2s as a standard, you can add a Mk.3 spacer to your tab for only a minimal cost and try both spacers to see which one you prefer!

Fingerhooks small.png

Revamped Finger Hook Design

We upgraded the finger hook design as well.

Now with smoother edges for a real nice feel at full draw.

IMG_2722 annotations.jpg

Revamped Shelf Design

Even something awesome can be made better!

Working closely with elite archers we really used the benefits of 3D printing to give you the cleanest most comfortable feeling you'll ever have from a shelf.


New Colors!

Now with special new color options! 


The parts now come in 14 different colors to fit the taste of any archer.

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