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Maximus Spacer Mk.1
  • Maximus Spacer Mk.1

    This is the original spacer intended for the Maximus finger tabs. During late production the spacer was redesigned on the back and was made lighter. As such this is the perfect spacer for those who want to file and customize their own spacer to their liking.

    • Features

      • 100% infill high quality PET-G plastic
      • As it is a solid block of plastic it is perfect for filing down and tinkering
      • M4 thread with our "Stay-in-Place" design
    • Specs

      Small - 40mm x 23mm x 13mm 14.1 grams

      Medium - 42mm x 25mm x 13mm 15.6 grams

      Large - 44mm x 27mm x 13mm 17.5 grams

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