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Maximus Spacer Mk.3
  • Maximus Spacer Mk.3

    Not only have we upgraded the beloved Mk.2 spacer and have introduced you to the new Mk.2s spacer, now we can also offer you a flexible version of it - the Mk.3 spacer!


    After much experimentation with different materials and printing settings we are glad to offer you this amazing product! It feels amazing and still retains all the amazing features of the "stiff" spacers, first and foremost the "Stay-in-Place" design.

    • Features

      • High quality TPU plastic for the main body and PET-G or CPE plastics (color dependant) for the bottom part.
      • 1mm thicker front end for the perfect nock clearance.
      • Slicker front end design for more comfort at full draw.
      • Reinforced backend with 100% infill for the perfect "Stay-in-Place" design for an even stronger and longer lasting hold.
    • Specs

      Small - 40mm x 23mm x 14mm 9.0 grams

      Medium - 42mm x 25mm x 14mm 9.5 grams

      Large - 44mm x 27mm x 14mm 10.4 grams

    • Notes

      Please notice, due to variances in digital monitors and lighting conditions the colors of the parts might look differently in real life.

      Furthermore, due to the difference in materials between the PETG plastic of the hard parts and the TPU of Mk.3 flexible spacer there is sometimes a mismatch between the color of the spacer and of the tab accessories.

      Finally, in elastic measurements the fillaments used to create the Mk.3 spacers are of a 95a shore hardness, with the exception of the Galaxy Gray one which is 98a. In layman's terms, the Galaxy Gray is a little less "bouncy".

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